Red Sea
The Nile

1- Why shall I come to see Egypt with Daily Sun Travel?

  • With us you are in hands of highly experienced team.
  • We make it always in private.
  • You will not pass by 10 hotels collecting other clients.
  • You will stretch your body in our air-coed buses during the long-distance drives.
  • You can decide to stay here more and there shorter.
  • You can have your wishes achieved to see and add more to the program. We are there to turn your dream into fact.

2- what shall I take with me to Cairo?

  • You have to charge the batteries of camera and have a reserve.
  • You have to take suitable sport shoes for the pyramids.
  • Do not forget to take change (Egy.pounds) for the W.C.
  • A hat or a scarf is needed against sun and sun milk as well.
  • Suitable clothes if you have a visit for religious places and the Egyptian museum.

3- What else can I see in Cairo rather than what I have on my program?

  • You can visit the Coptic quarter in Cairo with the hanging church (the seat of the patriarch for 7 centuries), Abu Serga church (the hiding place of the holy family) and the oldest synagogue in Egypt (Ben Ezra).
  • You can dive in Cairo by night and make an unforgettable felucca trip by night and visit the new Cairo with a walk in the shopping area for Egyptian as well as watch the memorial of the unknown soldier. (only for overnight clients)
  • We are 30 minutes away from the oldest pyramid on earth (step pyramid)and the amazing tombs of the nobles. (only for overnight clients)

4- What can I do more in Luxor ?

  • You can ride a horse carriage by night through the vegetable market and explore the scent of the past while feeling it is a dream.(strong recommended to be arranged by your guide to avoid any misdoing of the carriage keepers).
  • You can book for the spectacular sound and light show in karnak.
  • The hot-air balloon is worth and for a reasonable price. (express your wish enough time before when you book the tour)
  • A nile boat-trip is recommended.

5- Are there any special regulations for using camera?

  • In general cameras are allowed in open places.
  • In the valley of the king in luxor it is neither permitted nor admitted and no safe box.
  • In the Egyptian museum neither permitted nor admitted. safe box available.
  • Inside the pyramid is neither permitted nor admitted
  • no safe box.
  • In the alabaster mosque it is allowed.
  • In the hanging church it is allowed.
  • Neither in abu serga nor in the synagogue is allowed.
  • Cameras are allowed for free by sound and light in karnak but video is for 35 le (ca. 7$).
  • Take care forbidden is forbidden even when the guard allows for you the controllers are everywhere

6- Are there any extra fees which are not included?

  • For the royal mummies in the Egyptian museum 100 le (ca. 20 $).
  • For the admission in the great pyramid 100 le (ca. 20$) but limited number of tickets.
  • For both other pyramids 30 le each (ca. 6$).
  • For the solar bark 40 le (ca. 8$).

7- When am I expected to tip?

Tipping is only what you may pay for those who made an effort to serve you .but those beggars, who may ask you for money for nothing they did, should not be given any penny .tipping is accepted and expected by bellman, waiter, driver, guide and tour leader, and it is relative how much you shall tip, it depends on what effort and how clever it was done.
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